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Dear Neighbour


We walk the streets of Rawdon area and see how neighbours look after their houses and fronts, with flowers, lamps, vases, and wonder:

How can we best show we care about our area?
How to develop a sense of community, ready to stand-by one another?
How do we want to feel when we walk around: safe / healthy / proud?

Why dropping rubbish / leftovers / dog mess on our roads / pavements / parks?
Why not making life easier for rubbish collectors and cleaning teams?
Litter breeds litter; noise breeds noise; mess breeds mess.
Do we need CCTV cameras to patrol our behaviour?

We follow the social norms we see, at the pub, on the streets, with friends. Our children learn from our ‘adult’ habits… Individual effort, small moves, chipping in a bit of caring work, is all we need to make a difference in the ‘collective patch’ that is our neighbourhood.

What about fixing a regular clean up of our area? We could get to know each other better, while doing something useful for everybody. A bit of community building for L6: what do you think?

Get in touch through our email/phone: the more the merrier!
See you soon!

Alfonso & Patricia, Esmond St


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