Live Anfield



Sudley Hall

Our weekly Local History afternoon sessions are recommencing on the 14th of October at 1:30pm. Our speaker and tour guide is well qualified and very knowledgeable about local history. There is a fee of £2.50 per person per session. We also have a refreshment break costing £1.00.

The History Sessions were started 2 years ago with 4-5 of us and this number has increased to 25. Over the past few months we have done a number of history walks on a fortnightly basis. Everybody is welcome.



A refreshment break after our tour of St. Michaels Hamlet




– FUTURE ACTIVITIES that we have organized will take place in ABCC on Friday mornings for computer tuition. These are for people who have difficulty with computers.

– Friday afternoon we will be starting Genealogy at 1:30pm.

Anfield Breckfield Community Council, Community Corner, Lower Level, Richmond Park, Breck Road

– For further information please contact: A.B.C.C. 0151 261 4600




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