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Clean-Up July 2015


Target: Remove this joker from the street

2015-07-23 09.15.58This piece of junk has been lying on the pavement for two months, in Esmond St, and nobody seems to care about it anymore. It’s become part of the scenery. Neighbours, street cleaners, and the Council have turned blind to this eye-sore.

Will the Clean-Up Party on July 25th 2015 be able to get rid of it? Watch this space…!

Clean-Up Party July 25th, 2015

Clean-Up Party Target: ACCOMPLISHED!

What the Council couldn’t be bothered with, what the street cleaners wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole, what neighbours got used to, the Esmond St Clean-Up Party accomplished single-handedly.

This is how we did it:

2015-07-23 09.15.58Cleanup 07 Cleanup 08 Cleanup 09 Cleanup 10 Cleanup 12 Cleanup 13 Cleanup 15 Cleanup 16Cleanup 17 Cleanup 18 Cleanup 19


Click to see the Party in action

You can do it too! Don’t just take a peek through the curtains: go out and do your bit, to keep your street and back entry clean and tidy, because no-one else will do it for you, and no-one will do it better. Give it a go! All hands on deck!

Rubbish, dirt, junk, don’t grow from the ground; somebody puts them there, and rats are fed by our own leftovers. Most neighbours keep their patch in order and clean; shame on those who don’t care about health, safety and community. If you’re game, we’re here to help.

Share a moment with your neighbours, the last Saturday of every month, in the morning, working for everybody’s benefit. You’ll feel fulfilled and accomplished as we did.

Patricia & Alfonso



  1. Brian Dowling says:

    hi Alfonso we the councillors are concerned about rubbish in all forms,this piece looks like the bottom drip plate under the engin of a car, someone must have seen work being carried out and should have told the owner about it as it would seem a waste of money to send someone from town to pick it up .
    Sorry we were not there to help but we did attend a hustings in Warrington till 4.00 then leafleted in Stanly Park Av till 5.45 ,maybe the next time
    Brian P.S you and patrica have done a great job Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Brian, thanks for your support. We understand it’s not the Councillors’ job to keep the streets clean, that’s the job of somebody who gets paid for that, somebody sitting at a desk at the Council, or the Street Scene team. What neighbours are expecting is for the law to be applied and enforced onto ‘infractors’; please do everything you can, so we tax-payers feel represented and worthy. Thanks again, and don’t worry if you missed this one, there’ll be another chance the last Saturday of August. Hope to see you then! Alfonso & Patricia

      Liked by 1 person

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