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(Not) Gone With The Wind


We believe that refuse and recycle collectors have the right to do their job safely and humanely. As neighbours, it’s our duty to put our refuse bags in the morning of the collection day, or the night before at the most. This is our part of the deal.

We also believe that refuse and recycle collectors should communicate better with neighbours, so we’re all on the same page, regarding their job and our rights to have clean, healthy, and safe, streets, pavements and alleyways.

This is the state of pavements after collectors do their job in the designated morning:

Mess from Collectors

Could you please, Liverpool Council, make sure the companies you contract with, do their job conscientiously and respectfully? Could you please include a ‘tidiness’ clause in your contracts?

We all know that the little truck which brushes the kerbs does a lot of noise when it sweeps, if it does it at all, but in fact does very little to clean the roads, and doesn’t even touch the dirt in the pavements.

Let’s renew our contract with each other: we will put out the bags when appropriate, and you will collect them with respect and professionalism. Have we got a deal?


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