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Newsletter 1 – Summer 2015



At this moment, neighbours in Anfield are suffering rats and drainage problems; what can we do to help them? They live just a block away from us; tomorrow it could be our own block who feels the pain…

    ‘Live Anfield’ was originally based on the question: why can’t the neighbours of Anfield live in a decent, safe, healthy area?
     A number of infrastructure problems soon popped up, that either had never been addressed before, or they had been poorly approached: deficient / insufficient draining and rubbish collection, rats, dog’s muck, antisocial behaviour. The relationship between residents and representatives to the local authorities was at its lowest in certain areas. The general feeling was denial, complaint, blame, vicious circles, impotence, powerlessness, distrust, frustration.
      Neighbours are expecting from the Council and Councillors something that will never come; the situation, bad in itself, could only be expected to grow worse, rather than improve. With an empty kitty, how could neighbours expect more and better services?
–  –rubbishpizza
   –In view of the present and future cuts to the maintenance budget, there’s little to expect, and fewer options to consider. We believe that, either neighbours take the bull by its horns, and solve our problems ourselves, or we accept to live forever in a wasteland.
     Mess02Esmond Street Alley 01smallWe can all spare a bit of time and energy; please join us, just by turning up when we organise community activities, from cleaning streets, pavements, alleyways or common areas, to helping a neighbour get rid of their rats problem, or poor draining. Give us feedback on our blog; keep us posted of problems, solutions and complaints. We want to become a strong community, ‘people working together with a social purpose’.
Please support our campaign for a better neighbourhood! Thank You!


 Fed up of living surrounded by muck, dirt, poo, leftovers, weed, bits of who-knows-what?
Tired of complaints, blaming, neglect, budget cuts?
Join your neighbours for a clean-up of our pavements, streets, and alleyways! Set an example for our kids: roll up your sleeves, and show the kind of people who live in Anfield. Turn up at your doorstep the last Saturday of every month, with brooms, buckets and bins, to have a morning of clean-up, community building, and social responsibility.
Have fun! Take pictures! See you there!

Initiative of Neighbours of Esmond St ♥ – – (07981) 326675

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