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Everything we do reflects who we are, and what we think of ourselves. The character and personality of Anfield are not set in stone: they are what its residents decide them to be, and that can change for better or worse.

Towns can be as environmentally friendly and liveable as we choose them to be. Our kids see what we do, or don’t do, how we treat and respect ourselves, our family and our neighbours, our street and common areas (alleyways, parks), and they learn from us. It is a social responsibility, but it is also something to take pride on, a contribution to our quality of life.

We pay our taxes dearly for the up-keeping of our area: refuse collection, recycling, cleaning, weeding, and we deserve them.  The Council do their bit, and we can be satisfied with how they do it, or not, but, what’s the point in wasting that money and effort, by contributing with rubbish, dog’s mess and neglect to the general outlook of the area?

Because we live in Anfield, I’d like to set a challenge: keeping our streets, pavements, alleyways and parks clean, safe, and healthy.

Let’s take the bull by the horns: put the rubbish where it belongs; help the refuse collection teams do their job; roll up our sleeves, and clear / clean / tidy up the mess wherever we find it, whether it’s ours or not, whether it’s the Council duty or not.

The point is living in a liveable neighbourhood, not blaming who’s to do what; keeping our patch in order; and, by setting an example of participation, commitment, and responsibility, changing the minds of the people who think it’s okay to ruin the efforts of the community, and get away with it, because nobody cares.

I guess we all want to feel safe, valued and respected. We need to start by doing it ourselves, improving our habits, recovering our sense of identity, looking after our patch.

Do what you can, the way you can, keeping a friendly attitude towards your neighbourhood and community. With that alone, half of the battle is won.


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