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A ‘little’ matter


The ‘little’ matter is doggie’s poo.
There’s no other way to say it.
Poo on our streets, pavements and parks.

Zorets Jan 2015

The pooch isn’t to blame; it does what it feels like doing, like its owner. Only the owner is not a furry four-legged canine: we know very well who they are.

When our dogs foul on the street, or pavement, we are fouling our own house. What do you think of somebody who does this to themselves and their neighbours?

There are no magical solutions; no miracles coming from the Councillors, local Authorities, or Government. We have to work together to keep our streets clear of mess, smell and infections. It is an eyesore for the neighbourhood, sticky for our shoes, and dangerous for the children who play on our doorsteps, who can get seriously ill from getting in touch with the depositions.

Sure, nobody can force us to clean our pavement, alleyway, or after our doggie’s mess. Not even the prospect of being fined, or what people will think of us. Only our conscience and our sense of solidarity.

Thank you, if you try.


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